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Boston Art is proud to

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Art Program

Our goal was to feature a mix of media while also giving a contemporary twist. From local artist Shane Taremi’s use of the Fibonacci sequence to international artist Nemo Jantzen’s contemporary use of pointillism, the art is sure to have an impact on every viewer.

Custom lobby artwork at 28 Exeter at Newbury in Boston, Massachusetts

Irene Mamiye

Irene is a New York-based artist working with the intersections
of photography, sculpture, video, and new media. Since 2010,
her practice has centered around the impact and possibilities
created by our online image environment upon both the meaning
and materiality of photography. By amassing archives of online
images, altering and stretching the automated processes of
digital photography, and utilizing virtual reality, she delimits
her perspective to test the possibilities and tyrannies of our
image-saturated world. Irene aims to illuminate and abstract the
changing relationship between artistic process and output and
extend both the material and philosophical idea of photography
into new media technological realities.

Custom Boston artwork at 28 Exeter at Newbury in Boston, Massachusetts

Harry Enchin

Harry Enchin is a Toronto-based photographer and digital
artist who builds photo-based collages by seamlessly combining
archival images from the early twentieth century with his
photographs of the same locations in the present day. Enchin
grounds his time-bending narratives in local landmarks,
intersections, and iconic subject matter, inviting the viewer to
relate, compare, and bring two eras into conversation. Enchin
sees his work as a reminder that our civilization is in constant
remembrance of our past and most of us hold in our pockets
tools by which we can capture a moment in time. Harry Enchin’s
photographs show transformation and likeness in tandem
through the merging of imagery, both past and present.

Custom art piece in Resident Lounge at 28 Exeter at Newbury in Boston, Massachusetts

Elissa Lincoln

Growing up in Connecticut and moving to the North Shore to
study art, Elissa Lincoln has spent most of her life in New
England, which has shaped her artistic sensibility and her
attention to the color and drama of the distinct four seasons.
Elissa’s background is in drawing and painting, and until
recently, her work mostly concerned the human form. The
figurative nature of past work informed Elissa’s more recent
abstracted, lyrical nature drawings. From there, she began
cutting up these drawings, bending and shaping the fragments
into sculptural forms that played with light and shadow.

Custom art piece in Resident Lounge at 28 Exeter at Newbury in Boston, Massachusetts

Shane Taremi

Shane Taremi is an Iranian-American photographer and digital
artist based in Cambridge, MA. In 1977 Tehran, Iran, before
the revolution, Taremi received a camera and thus began his
artistic journey, documenting Iranians’ ordinary lifestyle before
and after self-imposed turmoil. In his latest Unreal Reality
series celebrating urban landscapes, Taremi reconstructs these
subjects captured through his lens and uses the Fibonacci
sequence to aesthetically guide the coloration, patterns, and
compositions of his artwork, combining his scientific and artistic

Custom art piece in Resident Lounge at 28 Exeter at Newbury in Boston, Massachusetts

Nemo Jantzen

Nemo Jantzen’s exploration of perception and perspective
mixes photography, pointillism, and pop art to create mixed
media photo compositions that question and deconstruct
pop culture and mass media. In an effort to explore and
interrogate the powerful presence of visual culture in the
modern world – Television, billboards, music, social media,
magazines, and more – Jantzen has developed an aesthetic
that feels both analog and interactive. After collecting thousands
of images and organizing them by theme and color, the artist
embeds them in small handmade resin spheres. Jantzen then
joins dozens of the spheres together to create large-scale
mixed-media photographic portraits.

Custom mosaic piece on Roof Deck at 28 Exeter at Newbury in Boston, Massachusetts

Silvia Lopez Chavez

Silvia López Chavez is a Dominican-American painter and
muralist. Much of her work is framed by her experience as
an Afro-Caribbean woman living and working in the U.S.
Growing up in the Caribbean fed her appetite for bold color
palettes and her interest in how our environment influences
who we become. At the studio, Chavez explores identity
and the relationship to our environment as individuals and
as a collective. Working with patterns and color to tell stories
of adaptation, assimilation, and resilience through painting
and drawing. As a muralist, Chavez transforms urban spaces
by honoring the identity of a place and its people with an
unapologetic color palette and rendered realistically painted
areas juxtaposed with geometric forms. At the core of her
practice is a desire to bring joy, connection, and agency to the
places where her work lives.

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