Garland DeVane


With a reputation for demanding service excellence, combined with a concurrent training model, Garland has successfully transferred an environment found typically in luxury branded hotel establishment into a residential setting. His experience as a former Starwood Culture of Service Trainer helps to support the foundational difference in expectation among his concierge professionals. His is a philosophy of improving individual capabilities through structured learning, this process enhances the service based systems and overall performance. Garland brings increased visibility to his method through the use of technology within the organization allowing associates and clients a spectrum of service point of reference.While at The Colonnade Hotel, Garland changed the expectation of service as previously defined by others formerly in his capacity. He strengthened the reporting efficiencies of the night audit team while focusing on maintaining an exceptional service experience. As the managerial oversight, Garland developed and published a Daily Business summary to the hotel executives, allowing for accurate and ready financial information. Garland’s most significant accomplishment included the interfacing of each servicing hotel discipline to provide performance consistency, guest satisfaction, and recovery.

He created an integrated communication system capable of supporting a “one face” guest service approach throughout the property. At Saks Fifth Avenue, Garland applied his passion for service with his passion to create a personal style for each client. His commitment to provide the attention and service to every customer often fostered the introduction of new collection offerings and adjustment to the buying strategy of existing collections. The heavy focus on creating the experience for the customer provided entrée to his developing the Service First Concierge Program. Here, concierge associates mirrored the service experience traditionally found in hospitality rich forums. This program redirected the focus from solely a selling environment to one based in service offerings. The uniqueness of a program such as this placed Saks Fifth Avenue in marketplace leadership. The model created in the Boston store later became the standard of cultural departure demonstrated throughout the organization. Garland holds a bachelors of arts degree and certifications in several hospitality disciplines, including the Forum Corporation’s Creating Customer Focus, The Art of Customer Focus, and Starwood Culture of Service Training. He is also an active member of Boston’s Healthy Start Consortium, ASIS, Minority Business Association of Massachusetts, and the Builders Association of Greater Boston.